It learns from the things you say. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t.

nMarkov's avatar, used on its social media profiles.

nMarkov was a chatbot for the Discord platform.

Utilising technologies and algorithms that I don’t understand, it would generate sentences based on your Discord server’s chatlog. Sometimes the sentences made sense, sometimes they didn’t.

nMarkov was my first major project, ever. It was the project that vastly increased my knowledge and understanding of Python, and interacting with third-party libraries and APIs.

I shuttered the project in mid-2021, as it was becoming a money sink and too time-consuming to develop the project. By the time of its sunsetting, it grew to over six thousand servers across the Discord platform and was incredibly well loved by many communities.

Update 27th April 2022: nMarkov is coming back!

It also spawned a side-project, “nMarkov Out of Context”. Communities could opt-in to this feature, and doing so would allow me to see the things nMarkov said in those communities. I would take the messages that I thought were funny when taken out of context, and post them to a dedicated Twitter account.

I’m really good at doing things without knowing anything about what I’m doing.